We Provide various types of windows, uPVC, Sash Windows, Awning Windows, Bay Windows, Casement Windows, Double Hung Windows, Sliding Windows, and any many more.

uPVC Windows

We provide the best quality windows as well as doors that enhance your home, the benefit of installing the most efficient windows also adding double-glazing in both new and re-furbished properties are obvious, they help insulate your home and also reduce heating bills and carbon emissions, and our superior windows and doors can enhance your homes kerb appeal and value.

Sash Windows

We provide top quality double-glazed windows that are secure, and meet the current energy requirements. We understand that every homeowner wants to save money and reduce costs, we can tailor make windows for most budgets and will help you to reduce your fuel bills as well as reducing emissions.They all also meet the requirements for landlord.

Bay Windows

These windows are positioned together to create multiple views. These views stream light around the room from multiple angles, presenting a light and airy effect. The windows can typically be opened slightly at the sides, should you wish to let some air in.

Energy Ratings

Operated by the BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council), Window Energy Ratings (WERs), are a straight forward way of assessing the thermal efficience of window systems. The rating system is recognised and referred to in Part L of The Building Regulations. WERs are calculated using a standard size and style of window and a formula taking into account solar gain and air leakage, amongst other factors. The resulting numerical value falls into lettered bands A to G, A being the most efficient. These lettered bands being familiar sights on white goods such as refrigerators, indicating the efficiency of the product. As all calculations are based on the exact same window, the resulting values are directly comparable between window systems. The benefits of installing the most efficient windows in both new build and refurbish properties are obvious, reducing heating bills and reducing carbon emissions. Whilst some manufacturers of ageing systems are forced into ever increasing levels of complexity and expense to ensure their products achieve acceptable ratings, Liniar products have been designed using the latest software to make the most efficient use of materials.
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Thermal transfer through Liniar A Rated sash/outer frame
Thermal transfer through Liniar A Rated sash/transom
Thermal transfer through Liniar A Rated outer frame.

Bay Windows